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Guild Forums

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Here is a link to our guild forums!
Got something to say? Say it here!

How to create an account:

Clicking the link should take you to the main page of our fourms. In the top right corner are 3 buttons. (Index)(Login)(Register)
Click the register button that is on the very far right, click "I agree to terms", fill in the info and hit submit.
You should now have access to our forums!

Tip: If you want to add a pic to a post make sure your pic is hosted on a site. Right click your image and go to properties. Copy the location of your image. On your post type


In between those paste the location of your pic.

Guild Forums

For now, if you want to sign up for raids this is the place to do it. Post if you will attend a raid/instance.

Ventrilo info:
Port: 3792

We love our guildies! ^^